Our Start


WHRZT! started as an idea and quickly sprung to life as we discovered there was a giant need to fill. Curious about the name? Well, sound it out... "Where's It?" A question you won't be asking for long with our products. We were able to find a problem and customize a solution for it. So, whenever you ask "where's it?" we have your solution to find it!

We build custom solutions to solve problems.
— Jim Nalley, CEO

We are different


WHRZT is a GPS tracking company, but that's only part of who we are. At WHRZT we take pride in building solutions, both hardware and software, to solve problems. We've taken over two hundred years of collective knowledge (yes, some of us are that old) and utilized it to provide you with the service you've been looking for. We are not typical, we are not atypical, WE ARE DIFFERENT. 


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At WHRZT our goal is to cater to your tracking needs. Never worry about your utility trailer or high-value assets being stolen again. With WHRZT you can easily see where your equipment or crew is at all times using the unique app or logging into your online account.


Several Designs for Discreet Operation

Competitive Pricing

GEO Fencing Capabilities

Accurate GPS Location

Movement Detection

Web Access | Mobile Supported


Our Team

The perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.

WHRZT! has this amazing group to thank for their hard work in making our solutions a reality. With a combined experience of over 100+ years in the wireless and GPS industry, we are positive that we have acquired a team of nothing but the best. We're a small company with big ideas and a history of success.


Jim Nalley


The brains of the bunch. Jim builds businesses from the ground up and does this well. With a passion of solving problems and finding the right solution, Jim brings his leadership and impressive experience to drive this team to success.

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