+ Where do I find my device(s) in the WHRZT! web portal?

Once you have logged into your account, you will be taken to the Map View. On the left side of the map will see a list of your device. These listed devices will correspond to a pin drop on the map to represent each of your trailers.

What does the Show All button on the Map View page do? This function gives you a bird’s eye view of all your devices, allowing to see where all of your devices are in relation to each other.

What do the different colored pins mean in the WHRZT! web portal? Map pins indicate the last known location of your WHRZT! device.
Pin colors indicate the status of your WHRZT! device when the location was measured:

Red = Storage
Your device has been motionless for 24 hours or more, and will report about once per day.

Orange = Stationary
Your device hasn’t moved for between 2 and 24 hours, and will report about once every two hours.

Green = Moving
Your device has moved or detected motion recently and will update its location about every 15 minutes, for about 2 hours since the last detected movement.

Blue = FastTrack
Because you activated FastTrack mode, your device will place a status report every minute for 15 minutes, after which it will return to Moving mode. If desired, you can initiate FastTrack mode while the device is in Moving mode, or extend FastTrack mode while the device is in FastTrack mode. It is not possible to place a device in FastTrack mode if the device is currently in Storage or Stationary mode.

Check the History tab in case a map pin seems older than it should be. It's possible that your device has placed a more recent status report without a GPS location.

+ What does List View mean?

List view will display all the trailers and device information registered in your portal. It includes information specific to each trailer, such as: Trailer Name, Type of Trailer, Last Location, Status, Manager/User, Maintenance, License Plate, VIN, and Notes.

+ How do I locate a specific trailer from List View?

Once in list view, you can view a list of your trailers on the far left of the page. If you are searching for a specific trailer, you can use the search bar at the top of the page and type the trailer name, VIN, Plate, etc. If you would like to see your trailer on a map, simply click the trailer you wish to see in the list.

+ What does download CSV mean?

The Download CSV button allows you to export the data you see on the List View page into an Excel file. This function is great for weekly reports!

+ How do I see just one trailer’s location (if I have multiple trailers in my account)?

In Map View, select the box to the left of the map with the trailer name assigned. A new page will open up displaying the last known location and information of that specific device.

+ How do I name my trailer?

In map view, click the trailer you would like to name in the list to the left of the map. Next, select the Trailer Information button. Now assign any name you choose to the trailer.

+ What does History mean?

History allows you to see the last two weeks of location updates for a specific trailer. You can search a specific time or day by toggling the blue sliding bar at the bottom of the page or by typing/choosing a specific date/time under the blue sliding bar.

+ How much History can I see?

Two weeks worth of history is provided in the WHRZT! tracking portal.

+ What is an Alert?

An Alert is a message sent outside the WHRZT! tracking portal via text message or e-mail. All alerts and notifications can be found by clicking the alerts tab under Trailer Information.

+ What is a Notification?

A Notification is a message sent within the WHRZT! tracking portal. All alerts and notifications can be found by clicking the alerts tab under Trailer Information.

+ What is Odometer in the Maintenance tab?

This is the approximate mileage logged while your trailer has been in movement. Mileage logged is approximated to conserve battery, and may vary from actual mileage because location is only measured as needed to place a report. Additionally, mileage cannot be measured accurately in poor GPS signal conditions.

+ What is Hours of Use in the Maintenance tab?

This is the approximate amount of time your trailer has been in movement.

+ What is a Geofence?

A Geofence is a digital perimeter you can set around a specific area that will produce notifications and alerts via text and/or e-mail notifying you as the trailer either enters or exits that perimeter.

+ What’s the difference between Enter, Exit, and Both on the Geofence page?

If you select Enter, you will receive alerts and notifications when your trailer enters that specific Geofence. If you select Exit, you will receive alerts and notifications when your trailer exits that specific Geofence. If you select, both, you will receive alerts and notifications when your trailer enters AND exits that Geofence.

+ What’s the minimum and maximum Geofence size?

The minimum recommended size for a Geofence is about 0.3 miles or 500 yards. Avoid using GeoFences that are too small, because this may generate unwanted alerts. There is no maximum GeoFence size.

+ How do I delete a Geofence?

If you no longer want a specific Geofence, go to the Geofence tab and scroll to the bottom of the page, select the Geofence you would like to delete from the list of Geofences, click that specific Geofence in the list, and click the trash can button located to the right.

+ What is FastTrack?

FastTrack mode increases the reporting cadence to once per minute. FastTrack mode deactivates after 15 minutes but can be extended while the device is in FastTrack mode or Moving mode.

+ Where do I find my VIN #?

Typically, this is found on a plate on the tongue of your trailer. If you cannot find this, please contact your trailer manufacturer.

+ What does Manager/User mean in the Trailer Information tab?

This field allows you to assign a particular person to this trailer.

+ What if my trailer doesn’t have a license plate?

Many states don’t require a license plate for a trailer, if your trailer does not have plates, please leave this field blank.

+ How accurate is my device?

Location measurements are on par with other common GPS based devices such as mobile phones.

+ What if I detach my trailer from a power source?

Your WHRZT! device is equipped with a backup battery which will keep your device going for a period of time. Once the device is hooked back up to power, it will charge the device again (like a car battery).

+ How long does the WHRZT! backup battery last?

Battery life varies based on many factors, such as device motion and distance to nearby cell towers. The backup battery is intended to provide reports for some time after a device has been disconnected from a power source such as a towing vehicle, and can often last for a few weeks for a device that is in storage. After it's backup battery has been fully depleted, a WHRZT! device should start to report once it has been reconnected to power for about 30 to 60 minutes.

+ Is the device weather proof?

WHRZT! devices are weather resistant, and are intended for outdoor installations such as on trailers. However, liquid submersion is not supported.

+ Does the WHRZT! device use the battery in the breakaway box?

No, it does not. All power for the WHRZT! device comes from the 12V of the towing vehicle or the internal backup battery of the WHRZT! itself.

+ How do I say WHRZT!?

WHRZT! = Where’s it. We specialize in locating your trailers and equipment. Just think: Where’s it? Where’s it going? Where’s it been? WHRZT!

+ How do I contact WHRZT?

To contact WHRZT! Customer Support you can reach us by e-mail at info@whrzt.com or by phone at 1-888-507-9985. Our hours are M-F 9am – 5 pm Central Time.

+ Does this require a wireless subscription?

Wireless connectivity costs are included in your WHRZT! subscription. No additional wireless subscription is needed.

+ What does WHRZT! do with my location data?

WHRZT! does not share your location data with any outside parties. Your data is securely kept only for your viewing.

+ What determines which time zone is shown, my WHRZT! device or my computer?

Your computer’s location will determine the time zone in your WHRZT! tracking portal.

+ How do I log out?

To log out of your account simply click the gear button at the upper left of your page, and then click Log Out in the displayed menu.