+ How do I wire up my WHRZT! device?

Do Not connect directly to the 12v battery inside of a battery break away box.

Do Not connect to brake or turn signal wiring, as these do not provide adequate charging capability, and adding the WHRZT! device may overload towing vehicle brake or turn signal lighting systems.

DO connect your WHRZT! device to a 12v line on your hitch connection, which should be fused to provide at least 2 Amps to the WHRZT! device. Connect the WHRZT! device red wire to +12v, and the WHRZT! device white wire to ground.

+ How and where should I install my WHRZT! device?

Avoid installing a WHRZT! device inside of a metal box or container, as this will most likely degrade or block GPS signals, and hurt location measurement accuracy.

Try to select installation locations with a clear view to the open sky for best GPS signals. Pick a mounting location with minimal metal or other obstructions to the sky.

Although it's not optimal to mount underneath a trailer, many customers report positive results. Under-trailer mounting locations often allow adequate GPS radio waves to bounce off the ground and still reach the device.

+ Why am I getting bad location reports?

GPS signals are often degraded by installation issues, buildings and other nearby objects. Such issues can cause degraded location measurements.

If you're experiencing bad location reports for a device, click the "Maintenance" button in the app for that device to verify that its battery is properly charged. Then check installation for a clear view to the sky, or try moving your trailer outside, away from tall buildings nearby.

+ How does GPS work?

GPS signals are often degraded by installation issues, buildings and other nearby objects. Such issues can cause degraded location measurements.

WHRZT! devices measure location by receiving signals from 3 or more satellites in the sky.

WHRZT! devices can determine location more accurately when they can "see" more satellites in the sky and when they receive stronger GPS radio signals.

This gives a wide range of operating conditions that allows considerable flexibility for installation, configuration and use. You can easily find additional information and insight by searching the internet for "how does GPS work".

+ Why does my location seem to jump around when my device is sitting still?

This is usually completely expected behavior. As with any GPS based device, the accuracy of WHRZT! location measurements can vary based on conditions such as satellite movement, cloud cover, nearby objects.

Hence, you may wish to select GeoFence size to accommodate normal location measurement variation according to your typical usage patterns and experience.

+ Why do I get so many GeoFence alerts?

Most commonly, this occurs when a customer makes a GeoFence that is too small to accommodate location measurement variation which is typical for their normal usage pattern and experience.

Try making the GeoFence a little bigger to balance false alarms versus quick alert response.

+ Why do I get alerts that my device may be moving?

WHRZT! provides a built-in motion detection feature. This allows WHRZT! to let you know if the device starts moving or is shaken after sitting still for a while. Sometimes, this feature interprets shock and vibration as motion, such as loading or unloading a trailer.

+ Why do I get reports that my device is moving, but it still shows as being miles away on the map?

So long as it's charged or is charging, the WHRZT! device reports whenever it can, even if the GPS signal is not adequate.

This allows you to to monitor your device status even if it is not able to determine the location due to insufficient GPS signals.

In such cases, please log into the app and click the "History" button for your device, and review recent reports. For any given status report, the History view will clearly show either a valid location measurement, or indicate that your device did not have sufficient GPS signal.