What to expect

Find your trailer or asset with WHRZT web-based, smartphone supported app. With WHRZT you will be able to see the approximate mileage and hours of use. 

Our app is easy to use and will let you know the exact location of your trailer, towable, ATV, Motorcycle, or any equipment you are hauling. Find it with WHRZT!


Location History

View location history from the activation date in any 3 day window you chose. By sliding the bar at the bottom of the page, you can view any update along the way. Know where your trailer or asset has been along its journey!


Geo Fence

Set up boundaries on the map in a location where your asset will be stored or at for any period of time. You can be notified via text or email when your trailer or asset leaves or enters a specific area.


Supports multiple trailers

Whether you have one trailer or a group of trailers, WHRZT has the solution you've been looking for. 

You can track an unlimited amount of trailers, assets all from a single log in. All of your assets will show up on the map sizing to allow all of them to be viewed.

Customize your trailer's information! Name it, choose a picture, enter the user, plate number, and VIN.


Additional Features



See a list of all your device alerts, such as Geo Fence breaches and low battery alerts.



Need to know where your trailer is in faster tracking intervals? Set your device to "Fast Track" mode to receive location updates every minute.



Keep up with your trailer's maintenance schedule and your device's battery level.





Unlimited access to the
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Unlimited access to the
WHRZT app for 12 months

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* Does not include hardware price.
** Discounts available on fleet or multiple trailers.