Yup, right where I left it!

Time for your 3,000 mile maintenance check up!

You say Where's It, We say WHRZT!


  • Status Updates
  • Geo-Fencing Option
  • 30 Day History Storage
  • VIN Registration
  • Movement Detection with      ​  Text Alerting

WHRZT Will show you where it is

WHRZT! isn't just dots on a map. Those dots are your trailers and high-value assets. When you use WHRZT! you will be provided with updates, alerts and notifications to your smartphone or computer so you know exactly where your trailer is on a map and its current status. Is it moving? Is it where it was parked last? Our proprietary portal gives you access to continually updating, accurate GPS locations of your investment. Check the history to see where your trailer has been for the last few days, or see if your crew has arrived.  Whether it's one or 300 trailers, we provide the best tracking solution designed specifically for the utility, box, livestock, boat, or recreational trailer.  

To find it...  call whrzt! 1-888-507-9985

Here at WHRZT! we do our very best to make sure we cover all your high-value assets and trailer tracking needs. When you have WHRZT! you have the best tracking system designed and developed specifically for utility, box, livestock, boat and travel trailers. The best thing about WHRZT! is no one will know it's there. WHRZT! is easy to install and is hidden in plain sight.  But trust us, it's there keeping an eye on your trailer. Find it with WHRZT!


Where's it Going?


John didn't say he was stopping there...

Receive alerts if your trailer begins to move!

Discreet so no one knows it's there!

  • Single Unit or Fleet View
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Customizable Images
  • 15 Minute Updates
  • ​Fast Track Every Minute        When Needed

That's not where you parked your trailer!